Sunday, 15 February 2015

First time in China

Cycling through the multi-ethnic Yunnan Province in southern China. The“China -by- Bike" - tour, which I did in 2010 for the first time, has captured my heart immediately, because on this tour are not the big spectacular sights on the plan, but we dive deep into the province and the life of a minority. Over it goes to endless tea plantations, which run in the low mountain ranges of the mountains. We overcome a climate divide and then dive into the subtropics, in Jinhong we encounter colorful minority life and tropical plant diversity and Ferry Newcastle Amsterdam.
In Kunming we experience the vibrant life of a Chinese metropolis, see the monastery lived Yuantong Chinese Buddhism and the promenade Cui Hu lake with Chinese and Chinese women who enjoy the first warm days of the year. Music is played, and danced driven sport.
The next day we start early in the Stone Forest. The UNESCO protected bnaturwunder is one of the main attractions in the province, even for Chinese tourists. The flood with noisy merriment the front part of the park. Together we emerge little ways in ravines between the stone pillars in an enchanted land and expect hibnter each bend the appearance of mythical creatures and fast Ferry Dover Calais.
In the evening we board the overnight train to Dali, the ancient royal city on Ohrensee. Here we also make our wheels star clear and explore the city and its surroundings. On narrow roads, it goes through rice fields from village to village until a small market town. Spectacular is the view from the temple to the three pagodas, which are reflected in the lake and form a magnificent backdrop to the mountain trains which are many months in the year still covered with snow and fast Ferry Dover Dunkirk.
After we left Dali we reach the area of the Yi minority in Weishan we stay in the old town with wonderfully preserved wooden architecture and climb a holy Taoist mountain to its summit are 12 great small scattered monasteries. Especially the lack of tourists and the peace and serenity of the small Ensiedeleien, let the traveler feel the power of this natural religion associated.
Our route leads off the beaten path by small river valleys. Tropical Rainforest change with terraced landscapes where rice and vegetables are grown. Even before we reach the Pu'er tea town we cycle through endless tea plantations. Over the hills and mountains as far as the eye can see, nothing more to see than the rich green of the tea plants in the spring and there is so many opportunities to taste a cup of the infusion and us to the idiosyncrasies and peculiarities of the Pu ' he trusts to make teas.
On the way to Jinhong we stay in a great hotel on a misty mountain in the middle of a forest reserve and have a day later also domesticated the opportunity to see wild elephants with luck. The last days are spent in the minority of Dai and Aini, and can relax and enjoy a festival promenade on the banks of the Mekong River in Jinhong before we fly to the metropolis of Shanghai. Here we have left before we take the high-speed Maglev train with a top speed of over 400 km / h back to the airport a day for sights and shopping.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

A visit in the Thanh Long Opera

Lot and built especially great because monuments are also always give special monuments. In the coming years, for example built in Ha Noi, a new opera that the country or the city or who must necessarily always give the millennial anniversary and because of size and because of monument and beauty, etc. are. Renzo Piano to design with eyes closed dreaming on the shores of West Lake, the Ministry agreed to its design, the foundation is already done with fast Ferry Cairnryan Belfast.
Not the Ha Noi Opera would not, nope not at all. The city has one of the most beautiful opera houses in Asia, a true to scale miniature of the Paris Opera. A plant of the most cities can only dream of in this region. Renovated, well established and centrally. Not necessarily small, considering that you can get to almost all events easily maps, there is no real talk stage and no real opera and also can find no national or municipal or other orchestra, which would use the space Permanently that one would have to think seriously about the short term and an extension on fast Ferry Cairnryan Larne.
It does not matter. The city is large and has a really interesting design an opera for a large city, - so that it is permanently visible - will be just about 100 meters high, about 3500 people playing offers space and a total area of 22ha near claim on the west bank of West Lake or will dominate.. in addition to the New York Met, the Paris Opera and La Scala then counts the Thanh Long Opera to the big opera houses in the world. We are happy to indulge the friendly town this artwork, but we treat it the transport systems, w ith which you can get there, the energy production that will help you spot the part reasonable and the major cultural events like haunted by 3000 and more people are and look at fast Ferry Dublin Holyhead.
And is built up mostly unfortunately, because speculative investment funds, mostly so-called private equity funds from the shadows of the world financial system, like moving on the bow wave of price fantasies in the emerging markets, getting ready for investment with high leverage as well as high-risk and always ready to nimble jump when the wave hits hard on the shore and the whitecaps seep.
The majority of real estate investing is from so-called offshore - funded centers. These are“ low regulated“ ( a wonderful word for a lawless state) tax havens, where normally tax- evaded black money washed ashore from all kinds of strange shops, washed and re-arranged. Rightly nobody believed in the Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Cook Iceland or far-sighted captains of industry or world heroes of the service industry.
Such investors, companies with their offshore mailboxes are rather short-term oriented, just speculative in her clique together again when reality takes hold of the imagination and the dreams are over. The dogs bark, the caravan moves on, as the chairman of a Augsburg-based private equity branch of the“ industry“ Has once formulated so pretty. Only the empty cans, a cold fire and a pile of dirt left behind, how could complement loose.