Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Family trip to Australia

It's time. Our long journey has come to an end. We wistfully look back on the past 15 months. But not only with sadness, as we slowly begin to realize what has brought us this trip around the globe as it has shaped us and changed. It seems impossible to take stock of this long time. But we want to at least try to highlight some of the highlights in the best tradition of our interim upshots like in London.
Expand his own horizons - a goal that many travelers write on the flags. But what is behind this common phrase? This can probably only one answer for themselves. In our case, it meant primarily to gain an insight into other, for us to date foreign cultures. What better place to argue about whether it's even possible at all to throw an adequate view of the individual crops in the relatively short time that we stood in most countries. Or even dive into this and understand it. However, I would venture to say that we sometimes succeeded quite well.
Even if only in part. Primarily, the many encounters with interesting people contributed significantly to the fact that we often learned more about the country and its people and their history and culture, as each guide us could convey. And it does not matter whether it is such a diverse country like China, where thousands of years of culture meets an absolute boom of the modern or a country like Australia, with its relatively young culture. Whether one can be of a Buddhist monk in Cambodia to explain the genesis of his religion, attends the funeral ritual of a High Priestess in Indonesia or listen to the stories of an Australian hitchhiker - gave us these encounters the deepest insights into the culture of a country and new Ferry crossing Holyhead Dublin.
The lesson we have therefore drawn for us is: just go with open eyes, ears and hearts of the world, even once to take a look off the beaten path and not to shy away from other people in contact to contact. Of which one is still learning the most about a country. And for us, we can say with complete justification that our horizons have been expanded considerably.
A significant contribution to this broadening of horizons has made our culinary curiosity and openness. We met travelers who preferred to make himself at the end of the world in search of an American fast food restaurant, because as you know at least what you get. But you really want to know ? We think no! Therefore, our trip was certainly a culinary tour of the country in which we have some - tried food - let's say exotic. We were always careful to eat typical of the country and old Ferry crossing Harwich Hook of Holland.
We shied away from little and were in most cases for our openness rewarded. We went to where the locals ate what were mostly small street snacks with questionable hygiene standards, particularly in Asia. But mostly we found here the best diet The stomachs accustomed quickly to the exotic nuclei. From the first one to two days, during which the rebels digestive tract, can one not be deterred. That's part. It does not even have to try every animal that crawls and flies, as well as an ordinary chicken, fish or vegetables can be prepared in such a different and delicious ways that put us on a regular basis in amazement. And let the water 'mouths us.