Thursday, 22 January 2015

On the ship to Asia

No one speaks, all the screaming. From the speakers penetrates Nirvana " Come as you are... " which unfortunately hits the nail relating to the present clientele on the head. A new concept is born : Tourism for the toughest, or in short chunks of tourism (and I think wistfully of my flowery bank robber back ). Posters on the walls with funny sayings on the Vietnam War : " I love the smell of my hand in the morning", to a figure that reflected his hands to his face, and the signature. Compared with a spell that stunned me: I was on good Ferry Dublin Holyhead last summer.
With a snap of his fingers slipped into the parallel universe : A half hour we wait to be asked by the waitress for our needs. She speaks not only fluent in English, but also understandable winds routinely through the tables and stoically the fuss of drunken tourists chunks. Starved as we are, we ordered Tuna sandwich and chicken sandwich and wait another half hour onto the " food" k
In Ha Noi, we endured the siege tormented by service forces against which we had to defend every half empty glass und have eaten almost every dish. In the three -minute intervals we interrupted the conversation with a slightly exasperated " No thank you " in the direction of the above professional helpfulness - and now that you can us to total ignorance alone, it's us again not quite : Always wants the man nothing and everything at the same time like Ferry crossing Holyhead Dublin.
The shrieks of the female chunks increases until the two crossed C: Seeking eye contact with the Vietnamese motorbike taxi drivers who camp around the entrance of the bar, stretched out on the seats of their scooters, laid her head on the steering column, with a toothpick between his teeth against leaning against the wall, and their faces are peaceful, their colors muted : these are real people.
I think, and because I look too long, one of them comes strolled to the table, but do not want to talk about Confucian values awareness, but asks if I have a bit of money for his collection of foreign banknotes give him : Of course : in his view, I differ in nothing from the other dairy cows : gin and tonic in hand, tuna in the face, his pockets full of dollars. My sudden longing for Ferry crossing Dublin Liverpool comes back.
In the morning a noise painting the window : " Hoi " like " Peaceful Community " hot, but not when the garbage trucks come with 200 decibels plays her pesky Asian junk melody - and hardl, I have to laugh : It has strange significance when garbage trucks are like a carnival procession. - Ha Noi was big and loud, but it knew the sound proof windows.
Hotel with swimming pool, where even begin four female chunks with a slack water polo game during breakfast. At the next table guy from Kiel, three - day - bearded Super Tourist sitting in front of a loud permeability cross-legged on his chair at the breakfast and lectured about the virtues of South Vietnam. Now it is time to pull himself together : This is here done everything for us, chairs with long legs, English signs on the shops, bicycle rental, beach café and My Son Tour - it is assumed to displace the culture shock, without further fighting for to be chunks. Resistance is futile anyway. I am setting up in my head a censorship authority whose task henceforth to be to prevent brooding about tourism again strictly.