Monday, 2 March 2015

Our trip to Kassel

We left Le Havre quickly and settled down in the near Honfleur to eat. A small harbor town with sailing boats bobbing in place and a good selection of good restaurants as well. Here in Honfleur, the atmosphere was cozy enough for a family reunion. Since my parents had unfortunately can not come, instead they let us bring a couple of bottles of domestic beer , which we now reverently emptied. Then we just put their heads together and decide together to do is insert a stop on the way home and to stay in Lille, near the Belgian border on the cheap Ferry Rosslare Cherbourg.
We sat in the car and enjoyed it , let us chauffeur with full bellies. You could sit back and enjoy. It was wonderful to be able to witness how three adult Europeans with plenty of passion but surprisingly little success trying to bring the navigation device to show us the right path. We learned quiet areas in Normandy know , now know what " locked track " in French is, and that the VW camper van, the latest generation of does not capitulate ago by meltwater flooded roads. There was again a princely meal , at the latest " crème brulée " I almost cried with happiness , and that we then wildly talking late into the night penetrated the hotel's bar and wine stocks decimated , also was not without emotional outbursts from. Later I checked the Ferry Newcastle to Amsterdam offers.
Slightly wrinkled next day we found ourselves in front of our face- a , and the third by counting yielded the desired final number and then it was already happening. Shortly afterwards woke me peer , we have Belgium and the Netherlands soon now behind us and were nearing the German border. The air was cold and damp , the sky is gray, what the heck. I smoked one after the other two butts and put the rest of the trip , whether it was clever , so many people to tell them that I wanted to stop crossing of the German border and looking at Færge Frederikshavn Gøteborg offers.
Every sign , every village and every known vorbeizog the corner I watched with a mixture of astonishment and raptures. Then came Kassel , we drove off the highway and directly available to Hercules , the symbol of our home town , overlooking the town and the castle perched in the mountain park of Kassel and everything on and in a dignified backdrop bidder.
There we wanted to shoot our last trip photo, from there we wanted to welcome Kassel and let us welcome from Kassel. We stood there , with the camera peers mother bustled around us and called us instructions on how we should be. That they could not see us at all, would be a miracle. The fog enveloped the Hercules and the traditionally belonging to scaffolding , the city was not to be seen. Finally a normal weather , we were back at home. But was also time.
Then I brought the mountain holter to the station. For me, the journey was not over yet, I wanted to celebrate Christmas with my sister in Frankfurt , in the circle of my family. Full of anticipation for my sister, my parents, especially my two nephews , of which I had never seen one since he came into the world during the trip , so I went into the travel center and sought to buy me a ticket. Full of anticipation, too, that I now had to speak in tongues no more that a friendly and competent staff would make the final meters of my trip around the world quickly and simply me. I went in , three switches are open only one was occupied by a customer.