Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Language barriers and hieroglyphics in Russia

Only as Jochen turned directly to him, with a shrug and many gestures of helplessness and confusion made it clear that he wanted just in the Metro, the uniformed man opened up the side entrance him under a Russian snarl. Managed. Why don't you just so? Sweat bathed and completely down with the tyres we reached the Metro and fell grateful as a result.
In the course of our stay, we should use the Metro more often. But if you think you got a lesson from this experience, which should be reassured that he is wrong. Second appearance in the St.Petersburg Metro: I can do it without any significant difficulty through the turnstile, but jerk together when I heard wrenching pipes in my back that probably known me.
Please do not! Not again. I turned around and saw again hang my companion at the hub. It kinda smells like bad karma. But now something more alive and with the necessary serenity he mastered the situation this time far sovereign. And I can assure that all other Metro trips without incident by providing went. So far.
While we in the meantime hearty laugh at the anecdote with the Metro, so we stumbled on an another, far more serious problem: the language barrier. In a country that had arguably the hardest to suffer German barbarism and the decades long under the heel of the Communist State one can hardly expect to find many friends with German or English.
Well, a certain affinity of language which he showed also on our Ferry Liverpool Dublin discount trip is now more or less pronounced among youth, but for the older generation to talking in front of a wall. Way be pitiful, but just the switch operated around train stations, Metro stations, and other places by some tourist relevance of representatives just this generation.
Unfortunately also the Cyrillic typeface is not much help in finding the right words or places. Although you can do the letters slow to decipher, but by "Reading" I would dare not to speak in this context like in 2016 Ferry Liverpool Belfast .
Nevertheless we had so far not starve or die of thirst and sleep on the street. Somehow it comes clear. Not with hands and feet. But at the same time it is a good school for what still lies ahead. Beyond the Urals, there will be hardly any better with the English language skills of the people and what's the font, also guaranteed easier in China.