Monday, 13 April 2015

Ferry Trip through Italy

Cypress, chestnut, pine and oak trees surround the picturesque village in the Tuscan hills near Siena. It threatened to fall like so many abandoned mini - villages somewhere in Italy, all the ravages of time a victim.
The "saviors come from South Africa - and had bought for the love of picturesque Tuscany and Venice is not only a mansion, but the whole village to bring the medieval stone structure around a castle gradually back on track. " We always wanted to have something in Italy," said Joy recalls. So it's good that Max is a banking expert.
Of Liguria in the northwest of "Bella Italia" to Sicily put German, Swiss, Dutch, British and especially Americans in recent years hand on to the light, and with financing in the back to fulfill the sweat of their the Mediterranean dream on Ferry Belfast to Liverpool .
Just as the 2, who had traveled from London to Italy again to leave before then they made nails with heads. The restored it is now firmly in the Anglo-Saxon hand, presented on the Internet in English only.
" It looked like a sleeping beauty, covered with ivy," he describes how it looked in it 18 years ago when they bought the mini - village. After tough negotiations, then they made out of the chaos over the years right. " What else do you need more than money, which is patience," adds Joy. After all, had in the deserted town where they had fallen in love, hardly a house nor a roof salvation. So much expert help was needed for years on the Ferry Belfast to Cairnryan Timetable. Country break in boom times had charming little villages, back many times with an already shaky castle or a fort in remote valleys or on mountain slopes inland. Most were then marked Italy freaks who then with other infectious energy. As in the 450 - strong village in the Ligurian Airole. There is now a third of a proud homeowner foreigners, German, Dutch and French contribute to a cosmopolitan Europe in the mini format.
Crisis or no crisis here, 2012 4600 foreign families bought houses in Italy, and rising, gave the fixed. The " Italian dream " still exists. The company Costa will be driving their new cruise ship, the famous Grand Voyager, in the Red Sea from the coming winter. The ship is still under construction. The renovation will amount to just over 2.5 million euros and give rise to a total of 416 cabins like Ferry Liverpool Belfast

Due to political and economic problems in the neighboring countries of the Red Sea this year was largely shunned by shipping companies. As it currently still is no constant booking rates, many providers have their cruises redirect. Now - night en unrest - everything is back to normal and enjoy the old routes. The ship to the whole 2012 season are deployed there. it was deliberately chosen this ship, since it with a passenger capacity of "only" 927 passengers on a ride through the Red Sea poses much less risk.